Monday, March 20, 2017

Ocean swim

On Saturday Maihi participated in the Ocean swim at Paihia. He participated in the swim because it was good for  his fitness and his swimming skills.  Maihi warmed up before his race so he wouldn't get a cramp. He felt very nervous, butterflies were zooming around his puku as he waited to start. There was a big as horn blast to tell him it was time to start, Maihi got the biggest fright ever. Off he went he was feeling calm, then he began to feel tired as soon as he got to the middle. Maihi thought he would have a rest and get his goggles on, but he couldn't stand up; he thought it was shallow as but it wasn't. He had to use his legs to keep himself afloat. The race ended (Maihi nearly fainted) and Maihi was happy it was over, it took him 6 minutes and 34 seconds. His mum and dad were so proud of him. Maihi had a great day.